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Free Tech for Teachers

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Here is a very good resource for teachers:  They recently added a PDF file (or book) called “Super Book of Web Tools for Educators” which has many free resources.

What training would you like to have?

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Please click the Comments link to either look at or add to the list of training that teachers / staff at Southern Fulton would like to have.  I will use this to develop future training sessions, either one-on-one or as a group.

Virtualization (server and desktop)

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I recently attended a seminar regarding virtualization.  We discussed both server and desktop virtualization products, reasons to do this, implementation strategies, etc.  Being a Windows shop, I was most interested in MS Virtual Server, MS Virtual PC and the virtualization capabilities of Windows Server 2008.  However, the products from VMWare were of interest as well.

If you have any comments on how you are using virtualization, please post a comment as I’d be interested in hearing how others are using this – especially at the K-12 school district level.

What this blog is for

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In my 20+ years of experience in the computer industry, I’ve seen many new technologies come and go.  I can remember on my first PC I had to use a tape recorder as the backup device.

This blog is a repository for information dealing with technologies, past, present, and future that can be used in education – specifically K-12.